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Missa Alles Regrets, N°. 5 : Agnus Dei

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  1. Tesho says:
    Part 2, Masses. Missa Fit porta Christi pervia: a 5 ; Missa Fors seulement: a 5 ; Missa La plus gorgiase: a 4, dubious attribution ; Missa Myns liefkens bruyn ooghen: a ; Missa Stabat mater: a ; Appendix 1, Agnus Dei from Missa Fors seulement in BolSP 30 ; Appendix 2, Models.
  2. Mobar says:
    Loyset Compère (c. – 16 August ) was a Franco-Flemish composer of the wieliltedervanetcaulaymealedcoto.xyzinfo the same generation as Josquin des Prez, he was one of the most significant composers of motets and chansons of that era, and one of the first musicians to bring .
  3. Gardakinos says:
    5. incomplete abc 6. incomplete a (4 times) Pleni 7. incomplete a (6 times) Benedictus 8. incomplete abc Agnus I 9. complete abc d1 d2 e Sanctus d1 d2 e Osanna I d1 d2 e Osanna II d1 d2 e Agnus II d1 d2 e abc Agnus III A tendency to regard the cf. sections as independent units and to use them for a kind of thematic development is obvious. Apart.
  4. Taurg says:
    Missa Alles regrets: Gloria Dufay Vostre bruit et vostre grant fame Se la face ay pale Missa Se la face ay pale: Sanctus and Benedictus Dufay (or Binchois) Je ne vis onques Molinet Tart ara mon cuer Ockeghem D’un autre amer Desprez Missa d’ung aultre amer: Agnus Dei Victimae paschali/D’ung aultre amer “The Composers of the Laborde.
  5. Melar says:
    This online catalog of score pages at ChoralWiki gives score pages indexed by their composers or arrangers. Clicking on a composer name will take you to the corresponding composer page for further information on the composer.
  6. Arashijinn says:
    Vivo /45– Laŭ Jean Molinet (), kiu bone konis Compère, la komponisto devenis de familio el Saint-Omer. Dokumento el Milano de nomumas lin ekleziulo el Arras, kiu situas proksime de wieliltedervanetcaulaymealedcoto.xyzinfoŭ tio edikto de Karlo la 8-a de Francio el aprilo certigis al Compère francan naciecon kaj menciis klare, ke Compère devenis el Henegovio.
  7. Mausho says:
    Missa de Angelis ; Missa Alles regrets ; Missa Je ne demande ; Missa Tant bel mi sont ; Missa de Venerabili sacramento Requiem ; Alternate version, Agnus Dei III ; Magnificat Primi toni Prioris ; Magnificat Tercii toni Prioris ; Magnificat Quarti thoni, Prioris ; Magnificat, Quinti thoni, Prioris ; Magnificat Octavi thoni, Prioris.
  8. Zulukora says:
    CMM , no. 1 Missa L'Homme armé 1 CMM , no. 2 Missa Alles Regrets 26 CMM , no. 3 [Missa brevis sine nomine] 51 CMM , no. 4 Credo [sine nomine] 55 CMM , no. 5 Credo Mon père 60 CMM , no. 6 Mon père m'a donné mari

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